Sarah Hennessy - Pilates

sarah hennessy - pilatesSarah Hennessy has been interested in the mechanics of movement since 1982, when she started training in Touch for Health and Applied Kinesiology.  In 1985 Sarah completed her Educational Kinesiology training with Paul Dennison, the creator of Brain Gym©.   Sarah then became interested in movement expressed as dance and, in 1988, began learning Raqs Sharqi Egyptian Dance in Cambridge, subsequently moving to London to train with Suraya Hilal and other teachers of the Raqs Sharqi Society.  Sarah’s first performances were in 1992, ranging from dancing as a “captive Moorish maiden” with the Troubadours at local fairs to formal theatre settings (Jacksons Lane and the Lilian Baylis theatres in London).  In 1996 Sarah began teaching Raqs Sharqi, creating small, intimate classes in which the students support each other to improve their technique and their own dance styles.   In 2004, Sarah continued her fascination with movement and attended  Pilates classes.  In 2005, she began her Diploma and Masters training with the Pilates Institute and qualified as a Fundamental Mat work Level 1 teacher in February 2006.   Sarah is currently completing her equipment training with the Institute, having successfully completed her intermediate and advanced mat work training (Levels 2 and 3).  Sarah runs small group classes at the Bodywork Centre in Hexham, an evening class at Queen Elizabeth High School, and one-to-ones in her own equipment studio. 





Professional Qualifications

Pilates Fundamental Matwork (Levels 1-3) CYQ Level 3 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Supplementary Lectures: ·  Clinical Posture ·  Healthy Back ·  Sacroiliac and Hip ·  Shoulder Girdle and Neck ·  Knee and Foot ·  Seniors and Pregnancy Pilates Reformer Level 1