What is Hatha Yoga?

MP900387543Hatha Yoga, Sanskrit word meaning union.
Hatha Yoga as an ancient science has been practiced in the east for millennia to promote physical and spiritual health. It can be practiced beneficially in some form by everyone. Popularised in the west during the sixties it is now blossoming under many names, such as Astanga, Eight Limbed and Vinyasa.
The disciplines cover movement, breathing, stillness and supporting “well-being” on every level. We realize increasingly that health doesn’t happen on the physical level alone.
Hatha yoga is the original source from which all other styles of yoga are drawn.
More recently Hatha Yoga has become a term used to describe a style of yoga which takes a more gentle pace. It a form of yoga which can be easily accessed by people of all ages sizes and physical abilities.
In the Bodywork Centre Hatha classes, suitable variations and adaptations are given to ensure the experience is unique and appropriate for each practitioner. Using one’s breath to guide the practice is an integral part of every class.

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