Bob Manning - Bowen and Emmett Therapist. Bob is currently taking a well earned sabatical and hopes to return April 2018. Please ring us to talk about alternatives.

Bob Manning

Bob Manning became interested in The Bowen Technique when he was himself successfully treated for a persistent rowing injury to his shoulder. He subsequently trained with Julian Baker and Joy West. He has been practising the Bowen Technique since 1999. He became a full-time Bowen Therapist in 2002.

Bob is a former teacher B.Ed. (Hons) and is a fully qualified ARA Bronze Award rowing coach.

Bob has treated people of all ages for a wide range of muscular and skeletal conditions. He has also treated clients with conditions such as headaches, digestive and respiratory disorders.

Bob has recently become interested in the work of another inspired and experienced therapist: Ross Emmett. Bob has trained and become a fully qualified practitioner of The Emmett Technique which works with release points on the body. Combining the Bowen and Emmett Technique appears to have helped a number of clients with seemingly intractable problems.

As well as becoming one of the first fully qualified Emmett Therapists in the UK, Bob has looked for ways to share his skills. He is now an EMM-Tech Tutor and is able to tutor non-therapists. EMM-Tech may well interest: carers, coaches, mentors and personal trainers.  It involves a series of simple, but effective, muscle-releases to reduce pain and discomfort and which may improve overall performance in arrange of activities.


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Professional Qualifications

Accredited Practitioner of The Bowen Technique (European College of Bowen Studies)

Practitioner of Tom Bowen’s Therapy (TBT101) (Ross Emmett)

Practitioner of The Emmett Technique

Diploma in Theory of Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC)

Diploma in Basic Counselling First Aid Certificate