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Bridget Enever

Bridget Enever

Bridget Enever’s first experience of the Bowen Technique was in 1997. After many years of working as a professional Musician, Bridget’s body rebelled, to the point where she could no longer physically play her instruments. After the first Bowen treatment, not only was her frozen shoulder resolved, but Bridget also realised she had been in pain most of her life, thinking it was normal. Bridget said she was astounded – “I had to learn how to do this wonderful technique!”  Bridget gained her final Bowen Technique Therapists’ qualification in September 2000.

The deep, directed relaxation achieved with the Bowen Technique helps the body to reassess its own priorities, and self correct damaging muscular tensions. The resulting physical healing can help on many different levels.

Most people need just a few treatments to help their aches and pains, finding that many other problems resolve as their posture improves. Bridget herself  had complex acquired and genetic problems, with a pronounced scoliosis of the spine and Dowager’s hump, and a twisted and tilted pelvis. Bridget had a predisposition for bronchitis, digestive problems, and was generally out of sorts. It took a while to resolve her main issues, but was amazed that the changes from the Bowen treatments held, and that her body responded so positively. Bridget has tried many different therapies over the years, and each has its merits. The challenge is to find the right therapy for you at the right time. Bridget is grateful to have done just that.

Bridget Enever continues her interest in the body and health issues which led her to work as a therapist with people living with cancer, with the Northumberland Cancer Support Group. Bridget studied and qualified as a natural energy healer. Healers believe that your body is surrounded by its own unique energy field, and that when this field is disrupted, ill health can occur. Stress of any kind can affect your health, and this usually shows up first in the energy field. Helping to clear and balance this energy can help maintain your health and encourage your body to get on with what it does best – physically heal itself.


Bowen Technique




Professional Qualifications


Bowen Technique Therapist, European College of Bowen Studies 2000

Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

Member of the Guild of Professional Healers