Dr Aiping Zhang - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Aiping Zhang

Dr Aiping Zhang trained at Qingdao Navel Medical School and Nanjing Navel Medical School and then worked as a doctor in Dalian Navel Hospital, China. She has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in her own clinic in Gosforth since 1997. She has treated patients using Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Nuffield Hospital Newcastle and now at The Bodywork Centre, Hexham.

“Dr Aiping Zhang is a woman of integrity and compassion. She believes that the gift of her vocation is to be able to help people to the best of her ability” says Kathy White-Webster, who has known Dr Zhang for over 10 years.

Dr Zhang is a very experienced practitioner and has treated many different complaints over her long career. some examples are:- fertility issues, skin complaints, depression, pain and much more.


Dr Zhang is at The Bodywork Centre every Saturday morning but can also see you at her clinic in Gosforth if that is more convenient.