What is a Massage treatment?

 Massage HotStonesMassageMassage covers a wide range of therapies.  Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper tissue levels to relieve muscle tension/reflex.  Effective massage can improve the healing processes of the muscular skeletal functioning and alleviate  all sorts of issues including emotional ones. Often the stress we have in our daily lives is held (somatised) within our body. Massage can release muscle tension and ergo release emotional tension. Massage with aromatherapy oils stimulates according to the oils used and they are often combined at the point of massage to assist in specific issues. e.g sleep depravation may mean the therapist includes Lavender in the combination.

Massage is a generic term and  in essence is bodywork. The term massage can be used for:-

sports and remedial




Thai yoga


Hot stones massage

Indian Head massage